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Platform Advance Exam - How do I split a measurement on the mapping page?


  • MarissbcMarissbc New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    Hi @Deepak_Sharma28

    When creating a new TotalConnect data stream the file transpose option will allow you to transpose the Total Conversions measurement which is a total of all conversions tags from columns into rows based on each of the conversion tag names listed in each distinct column (the language may have been misleading in terms of creating a measurement within the Total Conversions measurement) .

    The best approach is to transpose the file. 

    From the transpose options, use the first column in the file after Total Conversions as the Start Column.  Do not define an End Column.  Set the Group Size as 1. 

    I also am including the mapping:

    Note that your TotalConnect Transpose settings may look a little different than mine. 

    Thank you!
  • JohnKoonsmanJohnKoonsman IndianapolisSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    edited June 2021
  • JohnKoonsmanJohnKoonsman IndianapolisSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    edited June 2021
    @william_mollers @Marissbc I am having the same issue. This documentation says you cannot ingest Transposed and Non Transposed fields using a single Data Stream for the reasons you mention above. I tried creating a second Data Stream with Total Conversions and I am able to see the correct data in a pivot table but not when filtering on the same Data Stream. My question is how do you get the non transposed measurements (Total Conversions) to appear in the same Data Stream with transposed measurements? Good luck!

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