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Advanced Exam Data Classification


  • MarissbcMarissbc New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    edited January 2021
    Hi @smoore

    I am sharing my mapping of the file below! I hope this is helpful. 

    A few pointers on the above: 

    1.  I created a generic data stream type.  So in the data stream settings, next to Data Stream Type, select "Manage" and then "Add" to create a generic type. 

    2. In terms of the mapping: 
    • I created a key by a concatenating dimensions to create a unique value. 
    • I mapped Day as TODAY(); since all data streams need a date in order to map. 
    • I mapped a generic measurement as '1' to create a Row Count (for dimension only data streams, a generic measurement needs to be added in order for the rows to populate). 
    Follow the mapping approach taken above for all dimension only data streams! 

    I hope this helps!! 

    Thank you!
  • MarissbcMarissbc New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    Hi @smoore

    You are so welcome!! 
  • Pavitra_BhatPavitra_Bhat IndiaSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    Hi @Marissbc and @smoore

    Not sure why, I am not able to clear this task and going crazy. Please advice!
    Below is my mapping which is exactly the same except the Date(Today() did not work for me since it did not display any data in the pivot Classification QA):

    This is how the preview looks like:

    The pivot Classification QA (I have added 3 data streams: Conference Data, DFA Data and Insurance Classification)

    Thank you in advance!
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