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Creative Image Display


  • MarissbcMarissbc New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    Hi @nbhatnagar !

    I have an article published on how to show the top creatives using a custom widget which also shows how to create and sort them based on the top, second best, etc. 
    The article is based on creative from YouTube but the same approach can be used for Facebook creative as well.

    Let me know if this is helpful or if you want I can take a deeper dive into your specific setup with Facebook!

    Thank you,
  • MarissbcMarissbc New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    Hi @nbhatnagar !

    Okay, yes, so from the API, find and isolate the link to the creative image coming in from Facebook, create a calculated dimension with this unique identifier and add and use it in custom widget.

    I actually have a tutorial specifically for how to do this for Facebook which I attached.  Let me know if this helps; I didn't think of it sooner. 

    If something does not make sense, let me know, so I can adjust and better help!
  • MarissbcMarissbc New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    I'm so happy you found those directives useful! Please email me with any questions and screenshots at [email protected] :)  Happy to help!
  • MarissbcMarissbc New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    @HannahHutch maybe you can try connecting to the DSP/Adserver using a TotalConnect data stream type, just to pull the images link as well as another field which you would then use for the joining logic on the original DSP/Adserver stream (maybe use campaign or media buy key).
  • MarissbcMarissbc New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42
    edited October 2020
    Hi @HannahHutch

    Yes, so an approach in situations like this (when the image link itself is not workable) is to create a calculated dimension to build a functional URL.  Then use this calculated dimension in the widget. I have had to take a similar approach with Instagram links for example.

    So, in this case, create the data stream with everything provided by the DCM API,  bringing in the fields for advertiserID and asset_name. Then, in a calculated dimension, write something like: 

    var nameURL = "" + {AdvertiserID} +"/"+ {Asset_Name};&nbsp;<br>return nameURL;

    And use this calculated dimension in the widget.

    Let me know how it goes!
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