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Copy a data stream/dashboard to another Workspace

In order to share a Data Stream from one Workspace to another within one Account, you need to follow the following steps:
(Have in mind that the steps for copying TotalConnect data streams and API data streams are different.)

I. TotalConnect steps:

  1. Create a template of the TotalConnect data stream of your choice and share it at the account level.
    The data stream template will be visible and accessible in any of the Workspaces within the same account.
    (If the TotalConnect is of the Generic type, you will have to share the Generic data bucket to the target Workspace as well.)

1.1 Select the Data Stream >> More >> Create Template >> Share at Account level

  1. Go to the Workspace that you want to copy the data stream to and click on Add New.

2.1 Select the appropriate Data Stream type.
2.2 Select the appropriate Data Stream template (which will copy the mapping and transformers).
2.3 Enable Update Entities' Attributes When They Change (and Override Dimension Hierarchies) if needed.

  1. Uploading the existing data statistics to the New data stream at once.

3.1 Go to the Analyze & Act section in the workspace where the original data stream is located >> Reports >> Add new.
3.2 Create a Report with all the already uploaded data to the original data stream.

a. Time Period - Select the date range that corresponds to the data you want to transfer to the new data stream.
b. Measurements - Select the measurements of the original data stream.
c. Dimensions - Select the dimensions of the original data stream.
d. Filter - Filter by the original data stream so that only data from that stream will be pulled to the report.
NOTE: When you pull the report, you have to change the header names within the report to match the exact names of the original files that have been uploaded so that the mapping will read the file correctly.
3.3 Upload the Report to the new data stream.

For more information on setting up reports, please refer to the following article:

II. API steps:

  1. In the target workspace, create a new data stream with the needed API type.
  2. Insert the same Credentials, website/account/etc. as in the original data stream.
  3. Enable the exact same properties and settings as in the original data stream.
  4. Adjust the default mapping to be exactly the same as the original data stream.
  5. Finally, when the new data stream has been set up, let me know what date range to reprocess it for.

III. Dashboard/pages

Copying a dashboard page from one workspace to another cannot copy the data streams that it uses. When you copy any dashboard page, it basically transfers it into the place you specify as a shell/template. All the metrics and filters are kept but if the workspace where the dashboard page is copied to does not have the same dimensions/metrics/data streams (with the same names), they will disappear from the settings of the respective widgets and filters.

For more information on how to copy your dashboards/page to another workspace, please refer to the following article:

As always, if you have any concerns, do not hesitate to let us know :wink:


  • Hi @gildenj ,

    Good point!
    When you need to do it in bulk, I would suggest looking at our Push and Import between Workspaces feature - Here

    Push and Import creates a duplicate of an Entity from one Workspace (the Original Workspace), to another Workspace (the Target Workspace). The Entities created in the Target Workspace will be linked to the original Entities. This means that the Entity cannot be edited in the Target Workspace, changes are made in the Original Workspace and pushed to the Target Workspaces. The Entities can be de-linked, so that the Entity in the Target Workspace becomes a regular Entity.

  • Alex_DeliyskyAlex_Deliysky RND_ADMIN IMG42
    edited June 2018

    Hi @annaalexiadi ,
    Thank you for taking participation in improving our platform. We will be happy to submit any Feature Requests you have to our R&D team, just log a ticket at [email protected]

    In terms of a solution to easily move or share data stream across workspaces.
    Have in mind that simplicity always comes at the cost of functionality.

    Currently, we have multiple features that can accommodate the need to share data streams across your workspaces.

    For example, Executive Workspace - [ Article Link ]

    This is a workspace that incorporates data from other regular workspaces, allowing the user to view and analyze data from several different workspaces as if it is in one data pool.

    If you have a specific case at hand that you want help with, do not hesitate to contact your Client Success Manager or log a ticket at [email protected]

  • Alex_DeliyskyAlex_Deliysky RND_ADMIN IMG42
    edited May 2018

    Hi @sankalpjain05 ,

    The idea behind this step is to export all the data already uploaded by the original data stream and upload it to the new data stream in one process.
    It is for your convenience. The above guide is intended as an elaboration on steps that will be useful. Some are obligatory, some are not. It really depends on your needs and what are you trying to achieve.

    In summary, yes, you can use the source file of the original data stream.
    But be careful that the Report with all the data from the original data stream will have different headers and you will need to either rename them or use the Coalesce Function.

    Let me know if you have more questions ;)

  • RuthRuth SYS_ADMIN IMG42

    Hey all,
    Check out our great new quick tip video for Copying Data Streams Between Workspaces here.

  • Alex_DeliyskyAlex_Deliysky RND_ADMIN IMG42
    edited May 2019
    Hi @Vinodh,

    If you have access to both accounts, create a Workspace in the destination Account and then use the Push Updates from the Old Workspace to the destination (new workspace).

    Unfortunately, it would not be possible to push the Data Streams.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi @Vinodh,

    I forgot to mention that you can copy the Workspace directly, but you have to raise a ticket to our support team to do it for you at [email protected]

    Kind regards,
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