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My score is 66%


  • Hi @MohamedNiazy,

    Please raise a ticket at [email protected]
    Our Exam team will look into it and share points for improvement. Please share a link to this community post in the ticket.

    Let me know if you need anything else. :)
  • IrineyIriney BulgariaRND_ADMIN IMG42
    Hi Mohamed,

    I have checked your work manually. Please have in mind that this is not an usual practice and normally the exams are checked by our tool. In this case I have made an exception.

    I have checked everything manually and I can advise you check the following two parts:
    Step 3 of 6
    Task 4. Ingest conference data using TotalConnect

    Your client asked you to ingest a conference summary Excel file into Datorama. 

    1. Ingest the file into Datorama using TotalConnect.

    2. Name the data stream Conference Data

    3. In order for you to harmonize it later with your data, you need to extract the product name from the Conference Code: 

      1. Track it down in the Excel file. 

      2. Utilize the EXTRACT function to complete this task.

    4. Your client wants to know what the minimum number of attendees per conference is, per Conference Code. For example, for Secure Home_FY20, the client would expect to see the final result of 138. Apply the relevant mapping formula in order to calculate this. Name this field MIN # of attendees

        Hint: Use a Function called GROUPCONCAT, as well as another function.

    In this part your mapping is not correct. Also you have set the GROUPCONCAT formula in the wrong field and the formula itself is not correct. 

    Step 4 of 6:

    Task 2. Harmonize your data using a Custom Classification

    Up until now, you ingested several data streams into Datorama, all containing in one way or another the product name your client was advertising. Now, it’s time to harmonize all these data sets, so they can be used seamlessly when analyzing and visualizing the data.

    1. Name this data stream Insurance Classification

    2. Ingest the following classification file into Datorama.

    3. Set Product as Custom Classification 1.

    4. Go back and adjust the mapping for the rest of your data streams in order to harmonize all data sets that contain this field.

    5. Validate your classification using a Pivot Table and name it Classification QA and make sure that the classification is applied correctly to all the relevant data streams (add dimensions and measurements from different data streams and see they aggregate correctly and as expected).

    Here again the mapping is incorrect. Please have in mind that this is a classification stream that will only by used to classify the data. 

    If you feel you would like additional training on these topics, please reach out to your Success Architect.

    I hope this information was useful.

    Kind regards,


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