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Iterating through an array in a calculated dimension


  • Hi @AntonioQ,

    The language used in Datorama is ENVEL. It is a hybrid, therefore, it recognizes multiple formats - HTML, JavaScript, etc. It does not adhere strictly to any other language.

    In order to create an array in Datorama, you need to used the SPLIT function.
    Here is a working example:

    var MBKs = ['A';'B';'C';'D'];
    var array1 = SPLIT(MBKs,';');

    if([Media_Buy_Key] == array1){
    'Group 1';
    }else if([Media_Buy_Key] == 'E' || [Media_Buy_Key] == 'F' || [Media_Buy_Key] == 'G' || [Media_Buy_Key] == 'H'){
    'Group 2';

    Let me know if you have further questions :)
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