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Custom Widget for Top Performing Instagram Creative

EmilyEmily New YorkSYS_ADMIN IMG42

Locate and Isolate the Creative Image data

1.  Find the unique field in the Instagram data streams that has the creative image data link. It could be: csv['post_link']

2. Prepare the link for usage: Isolate and format the link using the two Calculated Dimensions below

Dimension 1:

<p>var instaLink = EXTRACT([Social_Post_Link],'/',5);</p><p>if (([Data_Stream] contains 'Instagram'){<br>return instaLink;<br>}else {<br>return null;<br>}</p>

Dimension 2: 

var link = ''+<b>[The Top Calculated Dimension Above]</b>+'/embed';

**Note the bold in dimension 2 indicates that it references the first calculated dimension

Construct the Custom Widget

1.  In the Customer Widget Editor construct this HTML (Note that the HTML below includes a line for number of clicks which could be brought in with another query if desired). 

<p><h1>#1 Post</h1></p><p><br><div id="frame" style="margin-left: 0%;"></p><p><br><iframe style="height: 100%; overflow: hidden; width: 100%;"<br>id="instaFrame" scrolling="no" border="0" frameborder="0"<br>src="about:blank"<br>sandbox="allow-scripts allow-forms allow-top-navigation allow-popups allow-same-origin"></iframe></p><p><br></div></p>

2.  Create a Custom Widget and in the add data section query the Creative Image dimension/calculated dimension made above. 

3.  JavaScript (the highlighted code is required, but the non-highlighted code is useful for troubleshooting the resulting query from within the console): 

<p>var queryResult = DA.query.getQueryResult();</p><p><br>var result = queryResult["rows"][0][0]['value'];</p><p><br>console.log(JSON.stringify(queryResult));</p><p><br>console.log(result);</p><p><br>document.getElementById('instaFrame').src = result;</p>

**Note that by changing the '0' in the code below to '1' you can get the second row in the query and thus have the next row of best performing creatives based on clicks; then the third, etc., each in their own custom widget which would allow for multiple creatives on a dashboard page.

var result = queryResult["rows"][1][0]['value'];

4.  Save your custom widget

5.  Set the sort method by the KPI that is most important to determine the creative's success. 

6. Adjust the widget settings to filter out any null values coming in for the creative link

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