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Bring Back the Blanks!!!

KishanPatelKishanPatel London - Salesforce TowerSYS_ADMIN IMG42

Have you ever had blank values in dimension filers and wondered why they don’t show up as a selection? Even though you have checked to see that those blanks definitely exist and they also show up in your pivot tables and other widgets but just not in your filters. 

The reason for “Blank” values not to show up in a filter normally is due to the fact that there are no values for it to be referenced too and therefore no “Blanks” are displayed. 


Since it is empty we don’t have a value to try and look at to select on a filter, and therefore we would have to assign these blanks a value.

A simple IF ELSE calculated dimension would do the trick. You can either apply this formula directly in the mapping our create a calculated dimension. 


Lets say “Dim_X” has some blank values we can apply the following simple formula to “Dim_X” 









By applying the above you are assigning the blank values  the following   "(Blank)”, which in turn brings back the blanks in your filters. 

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